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Dr. Gabor Hermann - orthodontic specialist

Dr Hermann is the founder and head of HermannOrtho. He is a member of the Hungarian Association of Orthodontists (MOT), of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), of the World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO) and of the American Lingual Orthodontic Association (ALOA). He is a registered orthodontic specialist in the UK.
He, as the first from Eastern-Europe became an active member of the World Society of Lingual Orthodontics (WSLO)WORLD SOCIETY OF LINGUAL ORTHODONTICS He has had several years of practice in many different techniques. He regularly gives lectures in subjects of Invisalign, lingual orthodontics and other invisible treatments. He regularly publishes articles on facial aesthetic treatment planning and on interdisciplinary team treatments with other dental specialties. He introduced the Damon technique in Hungary (otherwise known as the passive self-ligation technique)and he has been an official instructor and lecturer of the Damon Technique in Hungary.

He regularly attends International conferences and courses all over the world.

He introduced a new form of patient communication in Hungary. Dr Hermann has given interviews to many different life style magazines on orthodontics, he has also been invited to appear on many different TV programs. He wrote and edited the most comprehensive and still the biggest Hungarian orthodontic information page on the internet : www.fogszabalyozas.com . He is regularly an expert of several internet pages: (www.noklapjacafe.hu, www.hazipatika.com, www.sulinet.hu, www.dental.hu). He is the editor of www.fogszabalyozas.lap.hu page.

His areas of professional interest are the cooperation among dental specialties (interdisciplinary TEAM-work) and practice management.

Dr. Hermann is married with two children. He is living in Budapest and his hobbies are sports and holistic medicine.


1991 Dr Hermann received his dental degree (DMD) and soon after graduation started to work at Semmelweis Universitys Department of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry.
1991-93 Practised general dentistry and orthodontics in different clinics. In 1994 he opened his first private practise.
1994-1999 Besides his own practise he worked for different private clinics as an orthodontist. At that time besides orthodontics he also practised general and aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry in his office. In 1999 he finished his postgradual training in orthodontics and became an orthodontic specialist.
2000 Joined to Madach Dental Centre.
2001 Among the firsts in Hungary he stated to practise lingual orthodontics.
2002 Closed his private practise and finished cosmetic and restorative dentistry. He continued his career concentrating only on orthodontics.
2002 As the first from Hungary he became an certified Invisalign provider.
2002 Wrote the first and still the most comprehensive orthodontic Internet site in Hungary www.fogszabalyozas.com. Dr Hermann has the copyright of this page.
2003 Established Madach Ortho Orthodontic department, within Madach Dental Centre. As the head of this department he was responsible for the whole operation including from training the colleague sup to the designing of the web page up to 2006.
2003 Gave the first introductory lecture on Invisalign in Hungary and later he published the first article about the Invisalign system. He still publishes about this topic regularly.
2003 As the first in Hungary he to started using the invisible MTM technique of the company Raintree Essix. Also in this period he introduced the facial and smile analysis and the whole soft tissue based orthodontic treatment planning philosophy from Dr David Sraver (USA) in Hungary.
2003 He introduced Damon technique to the Hungarian public and the dental specialty. As the the official instructor of this technique he has been giving lectures and publishing nationwide. Also as one of the firsts in Hungary ha started to apply one of the newest developments in orthodontics, the orthodontic micro implants.
2004 The first person in Hungary using the SAO technique (Simplified Aesthetic Orthodontics, by Prof. Charles Burstone)
2004 The first person in Hungary using one of the latest innovation of lingual orthodontics the Incognito appliance In addition he used the other innovation of lingual techniques the Stb appliance and the light lingual treatment philosophy.
2005 The first person in Hungary using the invisible technique of Dr Bae (South Korea) the Clear Aligner
2003-2008 Dr Hermann has been publishing and giving lectures on topics of facial aesthetics, invisible orthodontics, Damon technique, Simplified Aesthetic Orthodontics, practice management and patient communication and other topics on a regular basis.
2006 He left Madach Dental Centre and opened HermannOrtho Orthodontic practice
2007 Based on his treated cases Dr Hermann was elected (as the first from Eastern-Europe) to be an active member of the World Society of Lingual orthodontics (WSLO WORLD SOCIETY OF LINGUAL ORTHODONTICS)

"The aim of our practice is a happy smile from our patients not only after but during the treatment as well"




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