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General information on the fees in HermannOrtho Orthodontics

People frequently ask an orthodontist, how much this or that kind of type of brace costs, per a dental jaw. The nature of the question that an individual wants to know all the circumstances of a potential treatment, including the fees can be easily understood. However, we have to see, that a medical treatment will not be able to be measured by the fact, that this, or that kind of braces will be put on teeth. The treatment is certainly much more provider dependent, rather brace dependent. So purely knowing which type of the brace will be used will guarantee nothing, neither the treatment result, nor the fee.

Consequently we have to state, that we do not sell a brace.

We provide the proper medical orthodontic service and care, including the brace. This full service will guarantee that your teeth will go that way, we want, as well as you will have the confidence throughout the entire treatment process. Our fee will represent the entire service, what by the end of the treatment will result in the smile, what you have ever wished.

The individual treatment planning and the individual programming and application of an orthodontic appliance is a part of science and part of art. We provide this art to you.

Also we are fully aware of the fact that an orthodontic treatment is an elective medical intervention and still a medical service, care, what can commonly take months, even years. So, we establish a long term relation with our patient. We take this circumstance very serious. Our principle is to provide a treatment, what is evidence based, yet individually shaped to your needs. We want you to feel that you get a cutting edge medical service, but on a way, what today we call personal customer service.

Based on the above mentioned facts we can see that treatments vary according to individual needs. In HermannOrtho Orthodontics we establish every single treatment on individual treatment plans. This treatment plan will indicate the treatment fee estimate, too.

On our web site we can only inform you about general figures. The first occasion, when you can get closer information on your treatment’s potential fee estimation is the first personal consultation in out office.

By this time it is virtually impossible to compare any figure with other estimate.

Regarding our fees, you will see, that our mission was to give you a clear, transparent fee. No hidden cost, no surprises. When we establish a treatment fee, every orthodontic interventions will be included throughout the entire treatment, even including the retainers, following the active treatment. We run a sort of fee guarantee, what will secure you that we will keep what we promised you in our treatment plan.

When we provide an estimate, we also provide different options for the payment.

  • - The most common way of payment, when we divide the total treatment fee into different details. The treatment starts with the bonding, or delivery of the active brace. At that time we usually charge 20-40% of the total treatment fee (down payment). The remaining fee is divided to equal monthly rate for the duration of the estimated treatment time ( 6-18, or even 26 months, depending on the applied technique and appliance). At the time of finishing the active treatment we set the balance.
  • - Another option is when you wish to pay the total fee in one at the beginning of the treatment. In this case we provide 10% discount of the total estimate.
  • - For foreign patient, who are insured by different plans or insurance companies, we provide a cooperation, like we have experience with different international insurance companies in paperwork.
  • - The first detail is actual when we set the appointment for the bonding appointment, or we order the appliance from the laboratory.
  • - We are ready to figure out individual payment plan, on request

In case you have further question regarding the fees, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

"We give you more that straight teeth"

General information on fees:

First, 60-90 minutes long personal consultation with Dr Hermann. 15.000 HUF
Treatment Planning fee:
(it is going to be included at the start of the down treatment)
35.000 HUF
X-rays are taken in external laboratories. The fee is according to the lab’s regulation.  
Orthodontic treatments:
The fee of an orthodontic treatment is defined by individual needs. We set an individual treatment plan for every singe patient. This plan will define the total treatment fee. Usually we apply the below detailed treatment fee details, what by the end of the treatment will summarize the total treatment fee. These fees include all the orthodontic interventions, what we provide according to the treatment plan, throughout the treatment (fee guarantee). In addition please note, that an orthodontic treatment is much more than putting any kind of brace to your teeth. This treatment a full costumer service and experienced medical care, what will result in the smile what you have ever wished.
Individual professional orthodontic treatment with MTM/Clear Aligner appliance
Down payment (according to the number of treated arches): 40.000-60.000 HUF
Monthly rate: 50.000 HUF
At the finishing of the treatment: According to the actual balance
Individual professional orthodontic treatment with Damon brace (passive self-ligation technique)
Down payment per arch: 150.000 HUF
Monthly rate: 50.000 HUF
At the finishing of the treatment: According to the actual balance
Individual professional orthodontic treatment with STB lingual (invisible) brace
Down payment per arch: 150.000-350.000 HUF
Monthly rate: 60.000 HUF
At the finishing of the treatment: According to the actual balance
Individual professional orthodontic treatment with Incognito lingual (invisible) brace
Down payment per arch: 400.000 HUF
Monthly rate: 60.000 HUF
At the finishing of the treatment: According to the actual balance

In case you have any further question, or comment, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

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