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Non-extraction treatments

The basic treatment objective of Hermann Ortho is to achieve much more improvement of an individual then just straightening his or her teeth. We also aim to achieve better smile and facial appearance and in top of it of all these we strive to achieve such beautiful results with preserving all the natural teeth of our patients.

Toot extraction is always an important issue to the patients, when we plan the orthodontic treatment.

In orthodontics, in general the need for a tooth extraction arises to make space, or possibly to correct the forward-backward difference between the upper and lower teeth, or to reduce the height of the lower part of the face.

In fact, there are cases when the tooth extraction is inevitable, because in order to achieve the goals of the treatment, there is no alternative. An example of this is when the upper and lower incisors do not overlap each other, which means, that there is a gap between the front teeth (open bite) and that affects the length of the face, so the patient cannot seal hi, or her lip without muscle activity. In such situations, tooth extraction can help us many times, so along with the space closure of the extracted teeth we can reduce the open bite and improve the overbite.

However, recently lots of tooth extraction were indicated for space gaining, or for eliminating forward-backward difference of upper and lower teeth. Thanks to new techniques and modern appliances these indications are not so frequent any more. Nowadays, there are many alternatives to solve over crowding.

Besides other alternatives, the newest treatment modality, with which we can avoid the extraction of natural teeth is the Damon system, or also called Biologically Sensible orthodontic treatment. Our practice is a reference practice of this technique in Hungary.

To reach the objectives we use the newest innovations of orthodontics, including the aesthetic analysis of treatment planning and the new treatment technologies and alternative space making methods. During treatment planning we thoroughly discuss different alternatives with the patient.


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