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Edit Balazsovits - actress - Invisalign patient:

"From my early childhood I was embarrassed of the crossness of my upper teeth, but until recently I had no possibility to deal with them. I could not wear visible braces due to my acting. I am extremely happy that these braces already exist and I could have special treatment. I feel much more self-confident on the stage now and my teeth are beautiful!"

Koine! David - professional basketball player - Spain - Invisalign patient:

"At present I live abroad and I seldom have the opportunity to come home. I am very happy that these flexible treatments exist, which allow continuous treatment and less frequent appointments. My dream has come true; I am very satisfied with my straight teeth and my new smile."

Zsuzsanna Dallos - Head of HR dept. - Damon patient

"Due to the bad bite, my upper front teeth visibly moved apart, unfortunately the status of the periodontium got worse. When I started the treatment, many people were sceptical that the orthodontic treatment could be successful at my age. Since then, almost one year has passed and wonderful things have happened. In the middle of 2006, the braces were fitted and after a short period of time a rapid - week by week - change could be seen. More and more people around me say that they can not believe it! I am very grateful that I have got my smile back!"

Kerstin Sekimoto - model - MTM patient

"Following my orthodontic treatment with fixed braces a couple of years ago, some relaps had been taken place on my front teeth. Straight teeth and an attractive smile is inevitable for my professional career, and of course, there was no chance for me to wear visible braces. I am very happy that with this technique we could reconstruct my smile in a comfortable and invisible way."


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