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The practice

The major objective was to launch an orthodontic practise what represents a completely new aspect of medical service in Hungary. We combine the extraordinary collection of orthodontic techniques, the long experience in the science, the experience of executing big offices and the model of American and Western-European offices. Our mission statement is the following:

  • - With continuous training and development, we will always provide the cutting edge technologies to our patients
  • - Based on the facial analysis and detailed treatment planning process we set a totally individual treatment plan and a related individual orthodontic apparatus.
  • - If possible we keep and secure the natural teeth with the help of new technologies. We use less tooth extraction for our orthodontic treatments.
  • - We believe, that to reach the highest care in this special field, there is a need for specialisation within dentistry as well. Our practice provides exclusively orthodontics, although at the same time we maintain a high level of communication with representatives of other dental specialist of Hungarian and international practices.
  • - We believe that orthodontics is a voluntary intervention (elective medical treatment) and a medical service. Knowing this we take it in our power to advise our patients before and during the treatment, upholding client management according to the American standards. The aim of our practice is a happy smile from our patients not only after but during the treatment as well.
  • - During the treatment planning we work out the details of the treatment in cooperation with the patient. We encourage patients to pose their questions at any time.
  • - For us not only straight teeth, but the such „small” details, like soft tissue and smile aesthetics are are also important.

"The aim of our practice is a happy smile from our patients not only after but during the treatment as well"


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Early treatment, treatments in childhood

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